CIA Secret Document From 1957 Made Public Reveals Ukraine Analysis For Special Forces & Insurgency Factors

A secret document dated 1957 from the CIA was released with partial disclosure concerning US goals in either assisting or supplying special forces groups in providing resistance to Soviet Russian expansion in Ukraine.

In order for such a resistance counter balancing attack to be successful, the intelligence organization put together a detailed analysis of the nation that boarders Russia known as Ukraine.

Ukraine has a land mass slightly smaller than the state of Texas and at the time of this report a population of roughly 30 million people. Since then, the population peaked in the early part of the 21st Century to closer to 50 million but has seen a decline as noticeable in 2016 downward to 42 million in light of war which broke out since the CIA induced coup of 2014.

The document called, ‘Resistance Factors and Special Forces Areas: Ukraine,’ speaks about Ukraine being among the richest Soviet states in natural resources, farming, industrial production and urban development including education and arts.

CIA intelligence was informed that ethnic Ukrainians were saturated more so in the north, north central and western parts of the state. The Donbass area and Crimea were more heavily populated by Russians, closer to 50% or higher of those areas, in the south and east part of Ukraine, the current focus areas of war today.

The document also speaks of ‘Russification’ of Ukraine in the cities, more urbanized, where Russians and Jews predominately lived, noted by the CIA, and the Jews were seen as the second most important Ukrainian minority, also noting many Jews were annihilated by the Nazi German invasion of WW2.

The ethnic Ukrainian population were primarily farmers and villagers and as mentioned earlier, their populations were more dominate in the north and west, which were more rural, and felt a sense of alienation from the Russification that transpired in Ukraine, and among these, the CIA identified Ukrainian nationalistic groups and proposed that some of these groups could assist in special forces operations at some future point.

It also identified that some of these nationalistic groups were allowed, with moderate restraint, to stay active under Nazi German rule.

All in all, the document is a thorough assessment of Ukraine, its resources, culture and challenges in providing resistance to Soviet Russian presence in the region.

In many respects, the US support of the Ukrainian coup in 2014, along with miltary funding and weaponization of nationalistic Nazi groups in our day makes it appear as though this 70 year document has not at all been forgotten among the CIA or US politicians such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

And to add to this, Burisma Holdings, a Cyprus based oil and gas company, which is connected to John Kerry and Joe Biden, has the exploration and drilling rights to the largest known oil and gas basin in that area which includes Donbass.

Doubtfully, Burisma will share their promising wealth with the whole of Ukraine once the smoke clears. And if Russia decides to hurl nukes at the US over ethnic cleansing of people in southeastern Ukraine who identify with Russia, most Americans would probably want to know why. This document may not provide all the answers but it certainly points us towards a clearer awareness which western corporate media has largely censored.


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