Super Bowl LI is The Next NWO Rally

*This post was not appearing for the first several days after the original publication. Monday, February 6, 2017, was this first day it was ‘allowed’ to appear by ‘interveners.’

The New World Order has a huge rally this weekend. It’s called, the 2017 Super Bowl 51, in one of their chief evangelist’s adopted home town of Houston, Texas.

You can expect a full line up of bold imaging of relics and ritual symbolism to continue to condition the masses for their goals: compliance-obedience-enslavement to global rule.

The top evangelist of the 20th century for the NWO will even perform the ritual coin toss. Former President, George H. W. Bush, with his wife, Barbara, will be center stage for this moment. They will be met with great applause and adoration, maybe even a sense of coveting in the sense that the masses wish they had a Presidential leader like him nowadays, in light of our times.

President Bush already had a scandalous and dubious career long before he became President which makes any and all of Donald Trump’s previously known scandals look like Mother Teresa when compared to the senior Bush.

You can watch interviews here and here to learn what alternative media during the 1980’s was saying about Bush then. Mainstream media and the US government not only ignored most of Bush’s scandals, they sugar coated them. When Bush ran for President, most thought he had no chance of winning due to his direct oversight of the CIA’s Iran-Contra drug and weapons trafficking.

Amazingly, now Bush is the epitome of and a symbol for American tradition, loyalty, honor for military service and sacrifice. There is even significant evidence pointing to him as primary person in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy but none of this really matters in our world.

Truth doesn’t really matter to the NWO or it’s followers. Many of the followers from the masses are so monetized into this system that they dare not think about these matters too deeply.

As former CIA operative, John Stockwell, who worked for George Bush said in one of the interviews I cited above, the NWO ruling camp has one party ruling and it has two chapters: the Republicans and Democrats, the ‘A team,’ and ‘B team.’

Most Americans are oblivious to this organizing shadow governance structure and much of their bickering during our tumultuous times reflects this ignorance.

There may be no better time or place to have all of this unfold. After all, Houston, Texas, is a capitol center for the NWO and numerous multi-national corporations and oil and gas firms have huge offices there. Rice University, created by the globalist servants is there. The huge military industrial complex exists there along with NASA just to the south.

Many of Houston’s residents attended the military school known as Texas A&M University about an hour and a half away to the northeast of the city. That school is the place where the Presidential Library of George H.W. Bush.

The venue for the Super Bowl is NRG stadium which is home of the Houston Texans NFL football franchise whose mascot symbol is literally a one eyed (or star) bull with horns shaped in the order of a crescent.

This year’s Super Bowl logo looks like something straight from Freemasonry with two towers the phoenix egg lifted high in between. 

This NWO camp is moving at break neck speed to accomplish their goals of global rule and this rally will hold no bars in unleashing it’s occultic imagery around Saturn worship or Sol Invictus.

Lady Gaga will be the primary half-time show highlight and do not expect the orchestrators of this event to hold back. You can expect a healthy portion of long horns, ritual circles, depictions of human sacrifice and paying homage to a black or clear cube.

Expect all of the familiar signs and symbols of Freemasonry in some fashion. You could even find them in those $5 million per 30 seconds commercials.

Whether in commercials, in performances, or the performers themselves, look for the one all-seeing eye, look for pyramids, look for the phoenix of fire, watch for the chess board, two towers and pyramids.

The primary symbols I expect to see a lot are variant depictions of multi-pronged stars, both on stage during performances, or suspended in the air, along with black cubes. This is all Saturn worship. 

At some points during the Super Bowl, they will dim the lighting on the ceiling of the stadium to depict the NASA satellite images of the North Pole of Saturn.

NASA’s logo is really about Saturn as depicted in the ring – the red ring, around the blue sphere.

You may even see a lot of pure Saturn at this event.

There could even be special recognition of the CIA at this event. And no matter what is said, it is all in praise of the intelligence organization’s efforts to advance the NWO. 

Nevertheless, none of this has nothing to do with football but everything to do with the advancement of NWO goals. They live for this. Most of the masses will dismiss it as ‘art.’ Many others will simply remain entranced and gladly follow, rejoice and celebrate even though they have no knowledge about what they are celebrating.

Little do the masses know that America is the next whole burnt offering, the literal meaning of the word, ‘holocaust,’ in order, not to preserve and strengthen America, but to sacrifice it to advance the NWO agenda


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