Unthinkable Silence About The Provacative Path Towards Nuclear War


Clarity usually comes into focus slowly, past all the uproar and frenzy. But now, it’s no mere uproar. We are now in a geopolitical climate of a new threat of nuclear war and the last thing we need is a government and corporate media trying their best to stir up tensions between the US and Russia, or China for that matter.

I believe this article (see end of post too) by, Professor Flip Kovacevic, is among the most important journalistic contributions for the general public to consider related to the DNC hacks of the final months of 2016.

His deep analysis of the evidence suggests a third party committed the hacks and were happening simultaneously in the US and Russia. Not many attentive news consumers in the US would know this, yet.

A lot of opinion was circulated as to who or where, or the scope of the hacks, most of which turned out to hold little water under rigorous and calm investigation. This breach was another piece of ‘evidence’ that the US needs to be on guard against Russian aggression aimed at the United States, if not prepare for war.

In this ordeal, the rumors and speculation announced Russian manipulation of the 2016 Presidential election outcome. Russia got their man, Donald Trump, in office and even SNL did their skit, following the inauguration and nearly 2 months long crescendo of announcements and reports from the US government and corporate press, ‘confirming’ the further speculation that former KGB agent, President Vladimir Putin, succeeded in his US election goals. It must satisfy SNL and NBC to leave the general public entertained with this impression. It certainly did for President Obama and his administration.

Now, in this new nuclear Cold War climate, Cold War I expert and authority, Michail Gorbachev, wrote directly to the public, albeit through TIME, coming out of retirement for a brief moment, to speak of his renewed concern for nuclear confrontation in the future. Clearly, we are to assume, there ought to be some serious, unstoppable, desperately uncontainable aggression of evil to even consider using nuclear weaponry, but the corporate media and general public have not been in a mood to discuss this dire reality. There are other prioties and differences to hash out for now.

In the TIME article, Gorbachev, said this sobering threat has actually been around for several years, reinforcing what I wrote nearly a month ago. All the other differences we seem to have, and have with a greater sense of urgency than the threat of nuclear war, will not matter so much when nuclear bombs are hurled over oceans.

Even more odd about this Cold War compared to the last one is the unthinkable silence – at least until now. Time will tell how the public will consider the words of Mikhail Gorbachev or other important voices on this matter.

Dr. Kovacevic’s article is truly noteworthy and something to consider that is missing from corporate media outlets – even Sputnik News and RT, Russian media organizations.

Kovacevic raises the question:

“Or, alternatively, was this perhaps done by a third party which also hacked the DNC and Podesta? Following in the footsteps of the James Bond classic “From Russia, with Love,” is there perhaps a secret (criminal) network which uses the rogue elements of different intelligence communities to amplify the confrontation between the U.S. and Russia? To get the U.S. to blame Russia and, likewise, Russia to blame the U.S. for criminal deeds actually perpetrated by this hidden network. This of course is a mere speculation. But the coincidence of the almost simultaneous cyber-attacks cannot be denied.”

If these well grounded thoughts have merit, they provide further insight that, whether it was the Obama administration, or those within the Deep State they were representing, the impression President Obama, his administration and the media wanted sear into your soul is that the Russians committed an act of war worthy of a retaliatory act of war.

On the other side, Russia denied the allegations they were responsible for the Internet security hacks related to the 2016 US election cycle. They were playing a ‘defensive role’ through all of this.

This ‘hack’ episode appears to be one chapter of an entire book. The overall plot, not without truth or basis, coming into clearer view is:

Russia is ridiculously and consistently criticized as a growing threat to the current global order – the unipolar world led by the US/UK. The US/UK surround Russia militarily to contain this Russian threat while imposing sanctions. US/UK are really the ones invading nations around the world and instead of producing order and new democracies they are creating chaotic death pools.

To continue the development of this plot, Russia constantly endures the verbal insults and mischaracterizations while seemingly taking the moral high ground and projecting a cool mind, uttering invitations of friendship and cooperation, while reflecting a firm stance and calling for a new order of international law and cooperation.

The US is a perfect example of the threat the world faces with a ‘crazy’ sole super power in this ‘old’ order of the unipolar world.

One of these foes will need to be neutralized for the New World Order. Who do you think it will be? The rogue war-waging super power of the old unipolar world or the top evangelist, Russia, for friendship, cooperation among sovereign nations, and compliance of international law in a much needed new order.

It is strange that the American side offers little voice for diplomacy in light of what we face. It’s like we want war, nuclear war.

Independent voices and reporting are needed more than ever before.

As Paul Simon wisely sang:

“Fools, said I, you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence.”



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