Son of African Based Missionaries Exposed The Corrupt US CIA/Intelligence Community Decades Ago

CIA whistle-blower, John Stockwell, and former US Marine, left the CIA and went public with the truth, beginning in the 1970’s, concerning one of the world’s most corrupt organizations during the 20th and 21st Centuries.

He did the right and honorable thing by exposing the lies and dark world of corruption of the unaccountable CIA, which appears to be repeating the same model even today – especially in areas such as Syria, Somalia, Ukraine, and now Russia.

His detailed eye witness accounts and research have gone widely ignored. However, in the 1970’s a couple of guys in Austin, Texas, set up a cool alternative cable news program called, Alternative Views and now they have uploaded tons of videos online which can be accessed there. Stockwell was a frequent guest on their program.

The CIA became a vocal activist in the 2016 Presidential election campaign cycle through a certain spokesperson, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, going public literally stating how there was a ‘soft’ or civilian coup and a counter coup within the US government and how they were not going to let Hillary Clinton win.

So the special interest group, known as the CIA – a wing of the Shadow Government, or Deep State – made several confessions of sorts of public campaign meddling all the while most Presidential and media focus on this matter blames the Russians, even some calling it an act of war.

As Dr. Pieczenik says in his video, the coup situation implicates the Clinton Foundation, the White House and the Attorney General at the time and he said they would all be prosecuted. Time will tell how this will play out and it is even difficult to known the reliability of these allegations considering the CIA’s apparent expertise goes way beyond the activity of intelligence collection.

As I mentioned above, John Stockwell spent the better part of nearly 2 decades or longer blowing the whistle on the CIA’s international government coup activity and strategy nearly since the beginning of the agency in the 1940’s.

After listening to his testimonies, it becomes clear that he is quite prophetic in terms of what he saw coming – some of those predictions include the chaos we now see in the Middle East today!


In the 80’s, Stockwell was reporting the CIA had already been a part of over 10,000 war excursions to little knowledge and awareness of the American public – all of which were illegal. He characterizes what the CIA has been doing, not as protecting our freedoms or democracies or spreading democracy, but as waging war on the Third World and destroying their democracies.

Stockwell was the son of Christian missionary parents which was a foundation for him to branch into international espionage. Some of his research has been confirmed by the Methodist and Presbyterian denominations in contexts such as Nicaragua.

What he describes in Nicaragua is horrifying, but it too was widely ignored by most Americans.


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