While US/NATO Backed Ukraine is Setting Donbass Ablaze, Remember the Missing Back Story

20170114_170439When it comes to the conflict currently being waged in Ukraine, I thought it would be important to provide fuller context that is mostly omitted from corporate media reports of the West.

In 2014, shortly after the CIA orchestrated coup to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine to install Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, numerous reports emerged questioning the integrity of, or lack thereof, Burisma Holdings, hiring several people with deep Washington DC high level political connections.

While many of the American/Western corporate media outlets are reporting on unverifiable allegations of all types to paint the Russians as ‘evil’ aggressors, the verifiable facts of what is actually taking place are getting almost no attention or scrutiny.

Since the current military intensification includes Ukraine, and that which is really US/NATO is mostly the US – it is our fiat money and military weaponry and armament that is really pushing all of this at the boarder of Russia, who now openly admits to feeling threatened – I thought that if nuclear bombs are hurled at the US and destroys a hundred million or so Americans, that Americans ought to at least want to know the ‘why’ about this sort of madness. Just like the Jews who point to the ‘Holocaust’ of World War 2 want their own people to never forget – along with the rest of the world – we will forever want to know: ‘why?’

While I cannot provide all the answers or the whole picture, I can certainly point out a few very important items that are missing.

Just a few nights ago, I watched President Obama’s emotional farewell address to the nation as he pointed to and quoted from the Declaration of Independence while charging America to ‘press-on’ with spreading democracies and protecting American interests around the world.

I also watched the Senate hearing for President Donald Trump’s new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, oil and gas executive for Exxon-Mobile. Tillerson also trumpeted the same sort of rhetoric about protecting ‘American’ interests and spreading or protecting democracies around the world.

But just how democratic of a process has it been to widely keep Americans in the dark about the US invasion and destruction of more than 8 nations under Obama’s reign since winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

That award was created 1901 by a wealthy Swedish inventor and business man, Alfred Nobel, who made untold billions by inventing, marketing and selling military weaponry. Nobel, upon looking at the world and his accumulated wealth felt excruciating degrees of guilt that he set up the Nobel awards to be given to thinkers and entrepreneurs who would dream up and or perform activity that would actually curtail war or violent conflicts without the use of weaponry.

Ukraine provides a particular American interest, to be sure, but it is by no means an American interest, that is, an interest of the United States as a whole. Connecting the dots of these particular American interests, the largest US/NATO military build up and a nuclear blow back attack from Russia are important and as you will read in a moment, provides us vital information to realize nuclear war is not within American-wide interest or risk taking. However, the risks will be well worth it and quite financially lucrative to certain American and non-American stake holders.

Even at the writing of this article, Google search engine and Youtube both appear to be blocking current Donbass, Dontesk, and Luhansk area posts and updates. These are well-known to most ‘insiders’ such as US politicians, diplomats, Ukrainians, Russians, and many Europeans as the ‘hot zones’ of military combat that has surfaced again while most Americans were enjoying Christmas holidays.

So, if you punched in these 3 different areas, for example, into the ‘search’ tab, you will not get a current list of selections about the most pressing news of these last few weeks: military attacks.

Non-Western corporate media such as Sputnik News or RT (Russian outlets) have their diplomatic reasons to not report these things too, but that is another topic for discussion.

The news that the American general public needs to know that is often omitted from Western corporate reporting resulting in a better frame of understanding about the current US/NATO military build up aimed at Russia.

Here goes:

  • The military conflict began in Ukraine around 2013/2014 when the CIA of the United States immersed in a foreign countries political campaign process and then orchestrated a government coup.
  • In 2014, Burisma Holdings, an oil and gas corporation headquartered in Cyrpus, appointed US Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, to the Board of Directors.
  • Included on the Board of Burisma Holdings is a long time friend and Yale college buddy and business partner of US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, Devon Archer. Kerry is Victoria Nuland’s boss!
  • Such close connections Archer has with the Kerry-Heinz family are made evident when one realizes that Archer was a former campaign fund raiser for Kerry as well as a fund manager and Board member of the Heinz family tycoon trust.
  • Burisma Holdings, has more than 2 dozen oil and gas exploration and drilling licenses in Ukraine which include the eastern side of Ukraine in what is known as the Dnieper-Donets basin that stretches from the northern boarder of Ukraine down to the southern boarder that connects to Russia. This southeastern region includes the Donbass, Donetsk, and Luhansk areas – the hot points of fighting between Russian speaking Ukrainians and the rest of Ukraine with US and NATO weaponry and military training.
  • Ukraine has allied with real Nazi groups to cleanse the southeastern lands of Ukraine.
  • Early on, attempts were made to ‘pin’ anti-Semitic literature which were spread throughout certain areas of southeastern Ukraine and Dontesk on Nazi groups existing among ‘separatist’ rebel fighter groups. No verification ever was made, but Western media and Jewish voices with an agenda to see more Jews migrate to Israel had a higher motivation to see scared Jews flee their Donbass area lands for the ‘Holy Land.’
  • Even a couple of known Ukrainian born Jews and Christian Jews/Christian media outlets who advocate for worldwide Jewish resettlement to Israel, who know Ukraine well, refused to clarify where known Nazi strongholds are historically known to exist throughout the nation. Most of these strongholds are far removed from the Donbass/Southeastern areas of Ukraine. Prior to the conflict, Jews felt safe and secure there.
  • Oil and gas is a regional money making risk – the more region you have the better the odds of making huge profits eventually. Precision in oil detection is elusive. It takes a whole lot of area and a ton of money to find and drill oil. Who knows how much further oil and gas reservoirs extend into the current eastern region of Russia?

Since I am from Texas and have done ministry in churches with oil and gas businessmen and wildcatters, I have learned a few things about oil and gas. One of which is, perhaps, most obvious: oil and gas reserves sitting underground awaiting exploitation do not end at man-made boundaries or boarders. I actually once had an oil rich man take me out to his property and pointed to various oil wells in different locations while saying: ‘that rig made me no money; that other one over there lost me a bunch, but that one over there made me, gosh, a whole bunch of money!’

I hope you are ready for a big war. A small group of American people are counting on making a whole bunch of money in Ukrainian oil.


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