The Entangled Web Tells A Story


This photo only begins to tell the story of a massive international struggle and a complex relationship management system.

My statements/posts are often misconstrued to be pro-Putin. I believe Putin is a strong proponent for accountability for an America gone mad. Yet, I’m well aware that he represents and serves oligarchs who are nearly all tied into a global web of elites somehow.

Most American readers of this post would recognize some of the faces such as Henry Kissinger, Vladimir Putin or Queen Elizabeth (far bottom right).

I think there is no coincidence that the younger face, next to Kissinger, would be included in this web. It is the Argentinian-American Jewish journalist, Joshua Cooper Ramo.

After Ramo wrote his book, Age of the Unthinkable, he won a spot on the privileged business strategy consulting firm, Kissinger and Associates.

Look at the two different book covers for Age of the Unthinkable. One has a red and yellow world the other has red dice. One of those has a nuclear mushroom cloud with a globe and the other has a stock market flow chart trending downward and 3 dots.

Not that I know what sort of detail this all conveys, but I believe the recognizable names within this web of people tend to communicate publicly with this sort of symbolic detail that normally flies over the head of, or, goes unnoticed by most.

You see, in the mid 1940’s, a super secret plan for America to invade Russia was planned along with England. That plan was tabled. That plan was called ‘Operation Unthinkable.’

Ramo’s book certainly publicly announces: The Age of the Unthinkable. Did he mean that once tabled invasion operation to be now? By all appearances, coincidently or not, it seems so with the largest US miltary build on Russia’s boarder since WW2.

Strangley, even though the 1940’s invasion plan was made for the Soviet era, apparently it references Russia numerous times and even more times than the Soviet Union is referenced.

Kissinger’s strategy firm is known for being ‘the’ consulting firm for huge multi-national corporations such as, Lehman Brothers, Ford, Volvo, Goldman Sachs and many others – often the kind that when balance sheets go bad some sort of tax payer bailout will be used to help equalize the crisis.

I’m also well aware of the long time friendship between Kissinger and Putin. Kissinger recently faced criticism in the US for going to Russia and visiting with Putin at such an intensified status between the two countries.

The Bilderberg group, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission are all vested in Russia just as much as they are in the US and Europe. All of these groups are dedicated to the NWO.

The Rockefeller’s were once known as the ‘First Family’ of the Soviet Union, primarily due to David Rockefeller, who is now over 100 years old and recently completed his 7th heart transplant.

The coming conflict is unpredictable but I see the indicators that point to nuclear war. Like I said before, the groups mentioned above are vested not only in America.

However, America, above all, contains the greatest liabilities that are most expendable. What are those? I could not tell you all. The most glaringly obvious would be a $19trillion debt of fiat currency and huge ‘unruly’ population of 300 million people, many of whom are armed, extended on a huge mass of land.

This conflict has nothing to do at all with preserving the US Constitution, defending the American way of life and freedoms. Who knows what sort of lies are told and swallowed by

I think this is an important read for our times. It talks about a Soviet written document concerning the CIA and the elite called ‘About Those Who Are Against Peace’


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