Still Wrestling with the Charade of an Election the Nation Just Endured?

This is an informative hour long broadcast of Jay Dyer, author of, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults, & Symbols in Film, a book which goes into detail how Hollywood has been tied with, hand-in-hand with the US Government, the Pentagon and CIA – tentacles of the ‘Deep State,’ to influence generations of people.

Dyer uses philosophical analysis of the film industry to discern messaging and a geopolitical subculture. You will want to invest an hour of your time listening to this if you are still ‘wrestling’ with the charade of an election the nation just endured to find a way forward – and I do not mean simply falling into the ranks just to keep peace and reach collective harmony.

I find that most legitimate frustration about the current condition and outcome is erroneously directed and amounts to endless wasting of time and cynicism. The height of cynicism is to unplug and take the victim approach of doing nothing. Those in power are counting on most people taking this approach – they have been working hard at social engineering for many decades.

Judging others for how they voted and endless vilification of election ‘winners’ are exactly what those who are in true untouchable positions of power are counting upon.

Posted on his Youtube page a few days prior to the election, this Jay Dyer podcast will get you headed in the right direction towards understanding the times and discovering what to do.

Topics include:

  • transitional government of the NWO
  • intentional internet leak strategies by the shadow government
  • CIA ‘insider’ publicly admitting to not allowing Clinton to win the election
  • Wikileaks revealing US support of Islamic Jihadists
  • CNN claiming more ‘free press’ rights than you or any other media outlet
  • established corporate media admitting to the ‘shadow government’ (a topic conspiracy theorists have been ridiculed over for years)
  • The role of secrecy to undermind and destroy democracies
  • political corruption with banking industry, drug trade and US government officials
  • the huge profit market in the spying industry
  • internet role for the elitists, deep state and internal and external spy industry.

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