When a Jewish Progressive Liberal Mainstream Media Reporter Publicly Endorses the Second Amendment

World War 3, Cold War 2, will not go away by random acts of osmosis nor kindness. We are facing a threat that has surpassed anything we have ever known and, strangely, this generation seems more ill prepared than ever before.

Understanding the times and knowing what to do are key components to facing the reality of our times and it seems crazy that in the West, little attention has been given, if not outright deception about this crisis we face: powerful governments and nuclear war.

I have posted previously about this strategic catastrophe of Cold War 2 that has not instantly appeared with the election of Donald Trump. It should have been a major topic of discussion during the 2016 US Presidential campaign and debates but politics in America has now become a charade – with roughly 50% of the voters choosing not to vote – a strong statement in the lack of confidence in the election ritual anyway.

Most American/Western citizens are inundated with a false mainstream media narrative about the threat of war and the illusion of freedom we have been facing for several years and are oblivious of the coup which took place within America a long time ago.

Alternative media sources have been meeting this false narrative that is challenging the establishment press corp which is linked and tied into the United States government and CIA. This relationship has been intact for many decades. So there is already an official central government mass media campaign and ‘fake news’ laws and labels are just another attempt to quash news and information that does not align with power – their power.

In fact, a Jewish progressive liberal mainstream media news analyst, reporter and New York Times Best Selling author whose work includes, Vagina: A New Biography, Naomi Wolf, actually said at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum of 2014  (@ 75:51) that we would be crazy not to question all media in our times due to the US government strategy and changed law – which once prohibited the US government from unleashing propaganda campaigns upon its own citizens – a troublesome situation for any who see themselves as living in the most powerful nation on earth ever known to humanity.

Due to Ms. Wolf’s heritage and her research on the topic of the Jewish Holocaust in the the Nazi Germany era, she’s astutely aware of when powerful governments control and clamp down on the flow of information.

At about 24:30 in this video where she is giving a lecture about her book, The End of America, she provides her first public support of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which is the right for the public to bear arms. As a well-known progressive liberal, her own shock about this announcement is palpable in the video recording.

I have further thoughts to add about this threat for another post at another time. Watch Naomi Wolf’s video as she describes how the oligarchs of the world, including America, have decided the China model for little human rights, all types of human labor and natural resources to exploit is now the ‘way forward’ and the true task of these elites is to convince you to agree.

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