Breaking the Silence on Unthinkable Violence

So the nuclear arms race is back “on” – full throttle. A topic of great distress, and rightfully so. The height of irresponsibility is to ignore this issue, pretend it does not exist or distort the truth.

Even during the 1980’s, performers like Deborah Harry (Blondie), spoke out against nuclear arms proliferation and gave sound advice as many other artists and performers did during the height of the Cold War.

A stunning aspect of our new reality has been the sweeping silence on this issue by Hollywood, the mainstream media, or music industry. This situation did not suddenly appear this month, last month or several months ago. It has been strategically advanced and should have been exposed long ago, way before Trump.

Investigative journalist, John Pilger, covers the enormity of what we now face in his new documentary called, The Coming War On China.

See his RT interview on it here.

Pilger says the aim of his film is to break a silence, a nuclear war is no longer ‘unthinkable.’ For decades, he has been covering wars waged by the Western powers.

A Seattle based medical doctor, Jonathan Golob, who is in engaged in biomedical research, has wrote a thoughtful article on the matter.

The photo on top of the Golob article is of a nuclear bomb test in the Marshall Islands on the Island known as Bikini Island. John Pilger exposes, in his documentary, how the United States used the people of this area as ‘guinea pigs’ in order to develop nuclear arms technology, bringing cancer, destruction and death to innocent people and their environment. He reports that a nuclear bomb was exploded there everyday…for 12 years.

James Vaughan photo

Of course, when we talk about nuclear war, it is irresponsible to omit the ‘fall-out’ or the long term impact – an easily omitted aspect of a nuclear strike, such as, radiation exposure and contamination, cancer, thyroid problems, environmental problems and the inability to grow crops for years due to climate change. Golob and Pilger both include this issue because the long term impact is a part of the strike.

If we roam the earth to hunt down ‘evil’ dictators or ‘terrorists,’ then what do we do with people who are responsible for these sort of crimes? Simply ignore it? Pretend it is not our problem?


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