Recovering From Thoughts of Nuclear Annihilation

Think about this: if we were going to be ‘nuked,’ or we were going to ‘nuke’ someone else, wouldn’t you at least want to know ‘why?’


I have read in the past about overcoming or at least recoiling from real fear or thoughts of nuclear fallout during the 1960’s, specifically as it relates to President John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. That was slightly before my time but the recoil of whatever happened during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis still impacted fears and tensions within American culture during my 1980’s childhood.

The lead singer for ‘Blondie,’ Deborah Harry, even gave this astute message about nuclear threat in a live performance, in the middle of performing her song ‘Heart of Glass,’ at about 2:22 as seen in this video:

This hit song was never associated with anti-nuclear proliferation activism but the issue was so news worthy it spilled over into a lot of ‘messaging’ outlets back then.

Hollywood made numerous films about the Russian (Soviet) and US tensions in the 1980’s. Rambo II and III, Rocky IV, Red Dawn, Top Gun – just to list off a few quickly.

This sort of scenario is not something most of us want to think about. About a year prior to this post I began reading about the renewed nuclear tensions between the United States and Russia so I began speaking about it publicly even though most mainstream media outlets in the West did not.

Some people surely thought I was quite reactionary. I was not. I did the research. Most do not want to think about it, I understand.

Think about this: if we were going to be ‘nuked,’ or we were going to ‘nuke’ someone else, wouldn’t you at least want to know ‘why?’ What about the survivors of this sort of holocaust (that word ‘holocaust’ actually means ‘whole burnt offering’), do you think they would want to know why so many people, including their loved ones, who did not survive were nuclear annihilated?

During the last couple of years the Russians even ‘leaked’ news about their huge or massively life devastating nuclear arsenal in light of perceived United States aggression towards them as the US continued (and still does) encroachment upon the Russian boarders and interests with their NATO alliance. This statement even runs counter intuitive to much of what Western corporate media has been reporting to date: Russia is widely reported as the aggressor. Yet, US/NATO has mobilized the largest miltary build up since WW2 around Russian boarders.

Due to what US military officials and US politicians were saying during the last few months of the election cycle of 2016, these tensions only increased as US-Russian diplomacy quickly dipped to new lows.

The threat of nuclear war, even enhanced threat of nuclear war, is news worthy.

Well, last week one of the highest authorities in the US, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, for Russia’s nuclear capability and threat, reported about the 100 megaton nuclear warhead potential we (the US) face if we engage in a nuclear war against Russia. Stakeholders, including you and I, should know the risks if elected politicians are going to lead us down this path, no?

Again, it was not widely reported among mainstream media – why is there such silence about stakes that are so huge? It is sobering to think about where we stand right now and this line of thought requires circumspect recovery because too few are talking about it and even less know what to do about it.

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