How do We make Sense of Anything at All when It is All Concocted?

How will we make sense of all of this confusion and carnage? It begins with a vigilant hunger for truth. Victims will lose everything, even the truth.


In the ‘fake news’ war era we are in a true revolutionary moment. If I am not mistaken, I once read from journalist and strategic economic adviser, Joshua Cooper Ramo (who now works as a top executive for the Henry Kissinger firm, Kissinger Associates), ‘those who fail to think and act revolutionary in the midst of a revolutionary moment have a name: victim.’ – at least close to something of this point. I read this in his 2009 book, Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Order Constantly Surprises Us and What We Can Do about it?

I would add clarity of wisdom to this Ramo quote that not just any ‘revolutionary’ behavior will do, it could be quite disastrous for any would be revolutionary to act without informed discretion! I do think Ramo attempts to offer wisdom in light of these times.

Yet, it does seem that our world right now is filled with uninformed and very stupid revolutionaries. To borrow from ancient Hebrew scriptures about an ancient revolution: ‘the sons of Issachar were men who understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chron. 12:32).’ We need people who understand our times and know what to do. This begs the question, who are the authorities or credible voices of wisdom and knowledge in our day?

In the midst of the early onset of World War 3, there is a propaganda war, an information war, to be won. With this comes a call to war and war needs humanity to engage in it so wars can be fought and won. Politicians are probably the last people to trust about nearly anything in these times. Power and access to privileged wealth is too corrupting.

In ‘free press’ societies like the US, media should be a solid source to find critical assessment of powerful governments. This sort of scrutiny can bring accountability to powerful decision makers. With corporate media being consolidated down to a couple dozen or less corporate giants, those media outlets are reporting with a priority and agenda that fits the executives and their shareholders.

This is alarming considering our diverse nation of 330 million people!

In addition to this, politicians are operating with pretty reliable sense that they will not face accountability from the media. And, losing an elected office does not necessarily mean accountability in our age dominated by corporate lobbyists. Politicians can move on to join the ranks of the lobby culture and cash ‘in.’

We do not really know who has the best interest of the nation or the world in mind. Do you want to join the military or honor the military that fights for unknown ambition? What if that ambition is evil? How will we assess what is a ‘just’ war? Some will join it out of boredom, others for pay, others because military is family tradition – all of which will have to be linked to some moral conscience because that is the human thing to do. This assumes humans are still connected to their conscience.

With this in mind, humans must convince other humans to fight to the extent that they will literally kill people (and animals too). This means an information war to ‘justify’ the killing of human beings, particularly on a mass scale, must be waged and won. The role of ‘justifying’ any human behavior entails having to interact with moral conscience no matter how seared it may seem to be at the moment!

The easy co-opted default mantra spewed world wide that most Americans are susceptible of leaning upon to justify mass murder is ‘defending our way life,’ or ‘defending our freedoms,’ or ‘fighting terrorism.’ These all seem to permit a widely stretched ‘hall pass’ for us to tolerate and accept our own military and government to wage war and terror pretty much as those in authority deem necessary (with minimal accountability).

In our times, with the reality of nuclear annihilation a very real possibility, global nuclear powers must begin to make their case or ‘justifications’ to the world stage, before and after such a crisis, as to why it was, or is, necessary to ‘nuke’millions or hundreds of millions of people. Most Americans, in large part due to global indifference but also due to a real corporate media censorship campaign, are left uninformed and are non-participants in this real phase of the revolution. They are ‘victims.’

Vladimir Putin of Russia explained his perspective of our times, at the July 2016 International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg: ‘Your people do not feel a sense of the impending danger, this is what worries me.’ In context, it is not because Russia has been the aggressor, it is because US/NATO has been progressively surrounding the Russian boarder with missiles while continuing to press a hegemonic global agenda. A clear warning Putin has consistently delivered for the last 2 years.

With the latest attempt of a lame duck President Obama with less than 45 days left in office, it is further mind-boggling that a US President would fuel US-Russia adversarial relations by adding sanctions.

If the holocaust of Nazi Germany and the aftermath, including the various ‘never forget’ campaigns employed from that era, are so crucial to ‘remember’ even today, particularly by the Jewish surviving victims, what sort of information campaign is in order for our times? We are not facing the elimination of 3 million or 6 million or 18 million. We are facing the elimination of 100 million or more.

Is it possible that a true and noble act of revolution in our times is, at least, to become vocal about what is truly happening? What would happen if enough people awakened to the stakes at hand and began speaking about this new nuclear threat secret?

It is a true challenge to learn who to trust or believe. Yet, once again, an authority among the EU and City of London, Rodney Atkinson, has revealed sobering news about US forces and their allies being captured fighting along side of jihadists in East Aleppo, Syria, this week which is being ignored by most of the corporate media news giants.

There are few sources anywhere reporting that the Ukrainian area under siege, the southeastern area, contains the oil and gas basin which is responsible for 80% plus of all Ukraine’s oil and gas production. In 2014, Vice President’s, Joe Biden, son, Hunter Biden, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian oil and gas firm called, Burisma Holdings. It was in 2014 when war began to break out in Southeastern Ukraine following the CIA induced coup. This war has resulted in the Ukrainian government and US to partner with and train Nazis to help ravage and clear the land of Russian speaking Ukrainians.

The BBC has reported on aspects of this. Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley from Texas, has been on the ground in southeast Ukraine for a couple of years and he doesn’t speak in euphemism when he says to foreign fighters who are considering joining this fight, ‘This is a war zone. We’re fighting a real war against real Nazis and a real army.’

The US told America and the world they are in Iraq and the Middle East fighting ‘terrorists’ as a ‘just’ response to the horrifying attack on New York City on September 11, 2001. Yet, in Syria, credible allegations emerge (a phenomenon that has been occurring throughout the Middle East for years) about not just one or two US military personnel assisting jihadist terrorists, but this time hundreds are caught in action.

For years, reports and videos have been spreading widely around the world of these jihadists, while praising the name of their deity as an act of worship, beheading men or children, or killing women charged with adultery or throwing homosexuals from the top of buildings.These are the same sort of black flag waving jihadist ideologues who brought terror upon New York City on that dreaded day of September 11, 2001.

The US and UK armies were mobilized worldwide to bring an end to these ‘terrorists.’ Yet, as the case continues to demonstrate convincing degrees of injustices committed by the US/UK, once again we read these nations are using or helping these same sort ideological terrorists to bring terror upon Syrians.

How will we make sense of all of this confusion and carnage? It begins with a vigilant hunger for truth. Victims will lose everything, even the truth.

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