Why this new launch?

Gaining clarity is often a fuzzy endeavor. We are presented a world that none of us asked to be in or campaigned to enter. In a moments notice, or less, any one can leave or be removed at any time. This existence is fragile and must be quite valuable – at least to most of us.

We all have our tendencies, one way or another, to view and interpret what we are presented. There is good, there is evil, things make sense, things do not make sense, there is beauty and ugliness – the world in which we exist is not tame. Clarity can be helpful, challenging, empowering or overwhelmingly paralyzing (I could write more about the ‘paralyzing’ aspect of clarity at another time).

This website will cover or post on numerous topics of existence in a time when clarity seems elusive. The goal of this website is to offer clarity or at least help further progress towards that end.


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