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Belgium Priest Living In Syria Since 2016 Says…

The following interview is between Bahar Azizi & Fr. Daniel Maes, who is from Belgium and has been living in Syria since 2010. This/his narrative is widely omitted from American corporate media and Christian outlets such as Christianity Today who profit from perpetuating lies and human bloodshed for the United States government and military. Fr. […]

Will There Be Any Success In Getting Thru To Americans In Their Current Spiritual & Moral Condition? 

Without diplomacy, all we have is force. God knows that and we should too. Paul Craig Roberts succinctly summarizes our times which will result in nuclear war soon without an appropriate awakening by the American public: “On June 21 the editorial board of the Washington Post, long a propaganda instrument believed to be in cahoots […]

Are Pakistan’s ISI and Saudi Arabia really ISIS?

Pakistani intelligence agency logo – spooky satanic occult symbolism. That crescent moon is Saturn mythology with 3 different celestial bodies, not two (for the untrained eye). Their name, ISI – inter services intelligence. Add an ‘S’ to the end of that due to their close partnership with Saudi Arabia and you could get, ‘ISIS.’ Saudi […]

German Dissent Over The Latest US Sanctions Against Russia

Image: NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium. Shouldn’t US sanctions against Russia draw our European NATO partners closer to us – in other words, rally the allies all together, not drive them away or infuriate them? Shouldn’t European nations, such as Germany, be leading and driving the actions of NATO anyway or is there more at play […]

The Pakistani Couple Who Left Islam and Islamic Society

One would think Western nations, their institutions (government, schools, media, religions, think tanks and so on) would be at least greater facilitators for offering the voice of the rogue minority coming out of the huge religion of 1. 4 billion or so people. Yet, the prevailing stance of Western society is that of advocacy and […]

If You Believe You Truly Support Progressive Politics In The US Then You’ll Agree With This

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an upcoming “progressive” leader within the Democratic Party. She is running for US Congress in New York’s 14th district. She has a solid grasp of our times in the US, which includes the corporate corruption which infects politicians in both parties. She talks in more detail about current US challenges in her […]